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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Cluny Grey

I cannot believe how much we have in common as far as likes and dislikes and temperment. And Francesca is one of my favorite names of all time! I am a wannabe artist (no talent, really) so my mission is to enjoy more art than anyone else by going to every museum in the world as many times as possible. Unfortunately, I haven't been to Dublin. The only thing: reading was my LIFE until I retired from teaching and began making jewelry. Do you like to read?


Hi Cluny, thanks for dropping by. I have been to Dublin, but it was many years ago. The thing I remember most from museum visits was the wonderful Celtic gold. You would love seeing that jewellery! Do I read? Oh yes, avidly! My house is filled with books fighting for space with paintings, beads, and 'I might need this one day' stuff!


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